Our Vision

We believe in equality and workers rights within the industry. We encourage ALL our Talent members to join a union. They work hard so that we can work safe and with equality. Our actions speak for themselves, our Founder is a member of BECTU and is also an Actor.

We are not a casting agency and do not promise you work. What we do is help promote your Talent and get you seen by a global audience. We will manage your wages via digital payments and Self Assessment software like Xero, Freeagent or Quickbooks and allow you to connect your own account if you have it.

We welcome ALL creatives around the world to promote their Talent, network with others and share knowledge. We offer you a Digital payment account to manage self assessment and payments without the hassle and jargon.

When you are on so many shoots and have to keep track of your pay then do your Self Assessment – it can be frustrating and expensive to have an accountant that understands our industry.*  We look after this for you. Sounds good doesn’t it?

*coming soon


We welcome Talent of all ages including School clubs

You dont have to be a Spotlight actor to have all the fun – we want to show everyone from all backgrounds and ages that our industry is the best and that our support network is second to none.


What we do

We help film producers and casting agents find the best film freelancers for their next project to create content for broadcast and subscription services.



Need some quick answers? Check our tips below. We also have a full list of FAQs on our page HERE and you can ask any specific questions to our team on register@talentapp.uk

  • Please attach a headshot, resume, and acting reel to your email submission. If you do not have an acting reel, please send a recent video monologue. Instead of emailing large video files, try uploading to YouTube, Vimeo, or Dropbox and copying the link from there.
  • You must have acting experience to be considered for this category – Spotlight number required.
  • All submission emails should be addressed to register@talentapp.uk
  • We request that you send recent, professional photos, (preferably a full face headshot and a full length body shot). Photos should be no larger than 800 pixels in height or width. TalentApp will only accept files that are between 1-3 mb in file size.
  • Make sure to include your name, where you live, measurements (height, weight, bust, chest, hips, waist), age, and a contact phone number.
  • If you live in Ireland, please send a short video introducing yourself. This will help us get a feel for your personality if we cannot meet you right away! It does not need to be any longer than 60 seconds.
  • All submission emails should be addressed to register@talentapp.uk
  • We encourage all our Production Partners to guarantee payment to all hires made on time, this builds trust and only strenghtens our industry.
  • TalentApp wants to streamline self assessment for all workers and therefore payment is transferred digitally and tracked inreal-time.
  • Productions should have confidence in being able to Search, Create and Save. We want to want closely with all our clients to ensure reliability and trust.


How we are doing

Script Readings 70%
Bookings 45%
Networking 90%
Business Opportunities 45%